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Cinque Terre: Nightlife
Cinque Terre: Nightlife

Cinque Terre: Nightlife

Cinque Terre nightlife is something you can appreciate if you like a relaxed atmosphere at the seaside. The villages have some bars and pubs open until late at night, but the real “movida” is the one you can find in La Spezia.

Nightlife in La Spezia City Center

The city center is not that big, but nightlife is always granted, especially on weekends. University students and locals usually hang out between two main roads: Via del Prione and Corso Cavour. There are some pubs that gather all people in 2 or 3 squares and everybody goes there to stay with friends and have fun.

These pubs offer drinks and “aperitivo” from 18/19 until 1 or 2 a.m. At the Loggia dé Banchi and the Distrò you will be able to find a lot of movida but also good wine and beer. The Resilience Café instead is perfect for cocktails!

Nightlife at The Harbor

If you instead are looking for something softer, it’s time to go and explore the harbor area. At Porto Mirabello there are restaurants, wine bars, and pizzerie perfect for a relaxed dinner at the seaside.

Cinque Terre Nightlife in The Villages

I will be honest: the majority of pubs and bars in Cinque Terre, except for restaurants, closes around 10 p.m. If you are looking for a real movida your best chances are in Monterosso and Vernazza, where some pubs are open until late.

Tips by locals:

  • The best way to get to La Spezia is the train, but pay attention to the time schedule to catch the last one if you sleep in Cinque Terre!
  • The movida also depends on the period: in July and August, there are a lot of events and local festivals which contribute to spice up the villages! Some of them are on the 10th of august in Manarola and the 25th of July in Levanto.

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