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Cinque Terre Information Kit: Plan Your Trip At Your Best
Cinque Terre Information Kit: Plan Your Trip At Your Best

Cinque Terre Information Kit: Plan Your Trip At Your Best

A trip to Cinque Terre may be tricky to plan, also due to the overloading of information on the internet. Today I wanna share with you a basic kit of information and resources to help you plan your visit at your best.

Cinque Terre Information: Transports and Strategic Planning

If you are in doubt about what kind of transportation you should use, we talked about it in another article analyzing the pros and cons. Probably train is the best solution for anyone. The one thing you need to go around the Riviera saving money and time is the Cinque Terre Card!

As regards sleeping, there are some strategic tips you should consider before booking your accommodation. Those are mainly based on the organization of the territory but also costs and locals’ point of view. We are here to help!

Cinque Terre Information Kit: Tourism Info Points

If you will need on-site immediate help remember there is an information point in each village located at the railway stations:

  • Riomaggiore – railway station ground floor – Piazza Rio Finale no 26
  • Manarola – railway station just next to the platforms
  • Corniglia – railway station just next to the platforms
  • Vernazza – railway station – Via Roma nr 51
  • Monterosso – railway station 1st floor – Via Fegina nr 40
  • La Spezia Centrale – railway station
  • Levanto – railway station

Trekking and Maps

Hiking is one of the greatest activities you could do in Cinque Terre. But there are some things you need to know before choosing what trail you want to explore. The main info is about openness or not: Trail map + the structure ( printable Map ).

Tips by Locals:

If you come by car then pay attention to parking spots and roads’ structure

To enjoy our sea better, you can choose between rocks to dive into the sea (Manarola) or beaches as The Giant in Monterosso. But remember: you have a multitude of options.

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