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Hiking in La Spezia: Local Sanctuaries – Madonna dell’Olmo
Hiking in La Spezia: Local Sanctuaries – Madonna dell’Olmo

Hiking in La Spezia: Local Sanctuaries – Madonna dell’Olmo

Do you want to hike in La Spezia? The sanctuary of Madonna dell’Olmo is, above the gulf and offers a pretty panoramic view. It is just above the road leading to Cinque Terre, and 280 meters above sea level.

The church was consecrated in 1844, but the cult of the Madonna dell’Olmo (Madonna of Elm) dates back to 1640. At that time an effigy that depicted the Madonna was located on a stone wall along the road. Travelers used to stop there to pray. The first church was built in 1659, but due to the number of people that kept going on pilgrimage had to be replaced.

Sanctuary of Madonna dell’Olmo: Celebration

The patron saint is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. A religious procession takes the statue of Madonna from the church of Fabiano Alto to the sanctuary. A small festival consisting of food stands in the church square also takes place on the second weekend of May.

Hike in La Spezia: The Trail to Madonna dell’Olmo

The main trail goes from the small village of Fabiano to the sanctuary and it’s just 30 minutes long. An alternative is to get by bus halfway taking it from La Spezia and getting down in Via delle Cinque Terre. The bus stop’s name is “Madonna dell’Olmo”. From that point, the sanctuary is just 15 minutes away. Level: Easy

If you want to make it longer you can reach Fabiano from La Spezia city center following a bike path. From La Spezia to the sanctuary it will take around 1 hour.

Along the trail, you can admire the Gulf of La Spezia. Once reached the sanctuary you will be able to rest on the grass and admire the gulf from above.

Tips by Locals:

  • You can choose where to start the trail, the best part is obviously the last one.
  • The church is open the second weekend of May for the patron saint.
  • The church square is ideal for a picnic.
  • This sanctuary is just one of the several on the territory of the Riviera. You have to know that above each of the Cinque Terre there is one and are all connected with a trekking trail!

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