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Italy Travel Planning: One Week in Liguria.
Italy Travel Planning: One Week in Liguria.

Italy Travel Planning: One Week in Liguria.

In addition to Cinque Terre, there are other stunning places in the Riviera you may want to visit. Here you go with a possible travel plan to explore Italy and Liguria in one week.

Liguria in One Week: Long Itinerary (7 Days Trip)

Coming from Milan:
Day 1-2: Genoa and the Acquarium

Genoa, the capital of Liguria, is the largest port of Italy and its history is still alive strolling along its streets. The Most Serene Republic of Genoa ruled over the Mediterranean during the 12th to the 13th centuries and left an architectural heritage you can admire in the historical center of the town. Nowadays one of its main attractions is undoubtedly the Aquarium, the third-largest in Europe.

Activities in Genoa: you can visit the historical city center and take an elevator to Spianata Castelletto, one of the main viewpoints of the city. Right next to the Aquarium you will also find Galata Maritime Museum and trust me it’s one of a kind.

Main buildings and Churches to see Cathedral of S.Lorenzo, in the city center + Palazzo Reale, the residence of many aristocratic Genoese families over centuries.

Day 3: Portofino and Camogli

The origins of these villages date back to the Romans, but nowadays are a summer destination almost as popular as Cinque Terre. Portofino picturesque center attracted a lot of international celebrities over time and also hosts a beautiful lighthouse at the end of a promontory that is absolutely worth a visit.  On the first Sunday of August, in Camogli occurs the Stella Maris Festival dedicated to the Madonna. It consists of different celebrations, but the most evocative is after the sunset: people leave candles over water from the beach and the sea becomes enlightened in a magic atmosphere.

Day 4-6: Cinque Terre

You will have plenty of time to visit all the villages, maybe following this organization:

Day4: Monterosso and Vernazza / Day3: Corniglia and Manarola / Day6: A bit of Hiking and Riomaggiore

Day 7 : Porto Venere & Lerici

The hidden gems of Gulf of Poets!

Coming from Rome:
  • Start with Porto Venere & Lerici on Day1
  • The, Day 2-4: Cinque Terre
  • Afterwards Day 5: Portofino & Camogli
  • Then Genoa & the Acquarium on Day6&7

Check also out the shortest version of the itinerary (5 or 3 days trip)!

Tips by Locals:

From Milan: Coming from Genoa, I suggest you use Levanto or one of the Cinque Terre (for example Monterosso) as a place to spend the night.

From Rome: Coming from Rome, I suggest La Spezia as the place to sleep (it’s also cheaper than Cinque Terre).

The Aquarium: remember that it’s the third in Europe: try to spend there around two/three hours, but no more!

What to Eat in Genoa: Close to the Aquarium and Piazza De Ferrari there is a burger shop called Masetto, you will find the best burgers in the Riviera (also veggies ones).

Which Village in Cinque Terre: the villages you must visit are definitely Vernazza and Manarola. If you have time also Riomaggiore is worth it!

Hope this article has been useful, contact us for any question you may have!

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