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Slow Tourism in Italy & Cinque Terre: MAPPAE Project
Slow Tourism in Italy & Cinque Terre: MAPPAE Project

Slow Tourism in Italy & Cinque Terre: MAPPAE Project

MAPPAE – Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Pathways Across Europe – was launched to share routes shaped on a multi-sensory, slow tourism approach.

In particular, MAPPAE aims to link different European destinations through a common tradition: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Among the countries involved in this project, there is certainly Italy, together with France, Croatia and Cyprus.

It goes along with different typologies of tourism. It can be in fact classified as a way to visit a place following the principle of slow tourism and experimental tourism.

MAPPAE makes the traveler connect with places and nature in a digital way. There are 12 itineraries all across Europe you can discover! All also through their website, supported by videos, multimedia content, and a specific app!

Slow Tourism in Liguria & Cinque Terre

Liguria and Cinque Terre are also part of the routes by MAPPAE. Thanks to their long tradition of aromatic plants cultivation and usage for different purposes, like recipes, remedies, and also housekeeping.

As you may notice once arrived in the villages, traditions are very important to people around here. Among the things that make us proud there are certainly cultivations and locally produced goods.

Among the places suggested by MAPPAE Cinque Terre stand out thanks to their local products. Walking through the hiking paths of the National Park you will be able to see how locals cultivate. Among the dry stone walls you’ll be able to see vines, olive trees, citrus fruits, basil, and medicinal plants. Aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme, lavender, and saffron are also cultivated or grow spontaneously in some spots! Together with Capers along the dry stone walls.

Experiment Local Life & Food in Cinque Terre

Among the activities visiting La Spezia there are also multiple options to enjoy local cuisine and production first person.

The most popular are visits to vineyards with degustations, cooking classes to learn making the perfect pesto and more. You can also help with the grape harvest in September! The Azienda Agricola Possa is produces the typical Sciacchetrà and accepting volunteers from all over the world.


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