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Virtual Tour of Italy: Discover Italy from Home
Virtual Tour of Italy: Discover Italy from Home

Virtual Tour of Italy: Discover Italy from Home

Discover Italy from Home (Part 1)

By the bucket list of a real traveler: do not stop explore and discover Italy through some virtual tour and more!

Many countries are following the steps Italy has taken to face the COVID-19 situation imposing self-quarantine. For travelers like us, feeling stuck is not really great, but every situation has some positive sides…

What we can do is try to learn more about cultures and countries in unusual ways.

So, I decided to start collecting ideas and content to stay positive and help you find some travel inspirations about Italy simply from your couch!

Italian Virtual Tour: Museums

The most famous museums in Italy are currently offering virtual tours of their masterpieces. While you are exploring I suggest to also listen to an audioguide of the museums, easily findable online.

Another useful instrument to explore and discover more about Italy from home are podcasts:

Podcasts About Italy an

Gola – Podcast about Italian food and how it connects to history, culture and society.

A History of Italy – A weekly podcast in 15/20 minute episodes on the history of the Italian peninsula from the fall of the Western Roman Empire to the present day

Italian Wine Podcast – A Podcast project dedicated to the Italian wine world. 

The World Nomads Podcast: Italy

The Bitter Sweet Life – It covers a wide range of art and culture topics, but many find a way to wind back to Italy-inspired topics.

Now you are ready to immerse yourself into the italian culture! I hope I made your quarantine more bittersweet!

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