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Tour of Italy Including Cinque Terre
Tour of Italy Including Cinque Terre

Tour of Italy Including Cinque Terre

Are you coming to Italy, but wondering how could you include Cinque Terre in your tour? Italy is full of marvelous places to see, but Cinque Terre are definitely one of the best to enjoy our sea, architecture, and food!

The Basics

Where Are Cinque Terre Located?

Cinque Terre are located along the coast of Liguria, a region in Northwest Italy right next to Tuscany.

The nearest city to the villages is La Spezia, the second-largest city in the region after Genoa. La Spezia is well connected with a lot of Italian cities. Here you go with the most important but also most visited by tourists:

  • Milan (about 3 hours journey by train)
  • Genoa (about 1,5 hours by train)
  • Pisa (about 1 hour by train)
  • Florence (about 2 hours by train)
  • Rome (about 3,45 hours by train)

Which City is Closer to Cinque Terre?

Among the most famous cities, Florence and Pisa are the closest to Cinque Terre. In fact, a lot of tourists arrive here from Tuscany or in alternative directly from Milan.

The closest airports are Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate and Pisa G.Galilei.

Which City Should You Include in Your Tour of Italy Along With Cinque Terre?

Here you go with some suggested tours you could do to enjoy our beautiful country and visit us here in the Ligurian Riviera!

Suggested Tours

The Sea Tour– to enjoy our sun, seaside and food

From Milan: Cinque Terre – Rome –  Capri & Amalfi Coast – Naples

You could also add:

Genoa (before Cinque Terre)

The Cultural Tour – to have a complete idea of what Italy is

(From Milan): Cinque Terre – Florence – Venice – Rome


(From Rome) -Cinque Terre – Florence – Venice – Milan

You could also add:

Pisa & Lucca (after Cinque Terre)

Naples (after Rome)

Tuscany & Cinque Terre Tour – to enjoy the italian countryside, wine, and seaside

(From Rome) – Florence, San Gimignano, Siena, Lucca, Pisa – Cinque Terre – (Milan to go back home)

The perfect duration of a tour could be around 10 days or maybe more.

Tips By Locals

  • The cultural tour is suggested for people who never visited Italy and would like to see her main cities and attractions
  • The Sea Tour is made for the ones that would like to visit Italy just to enjoy one of her most appreciated qualities: the seaside during summer and a bit of nightlife. It also could be a great tour for a honeymoon, to just chill and relax.
  • The Tuscany Tour is also relaxing, but more cultural and perfect to enjoy our food and wine tasting activities.

I hope you foud this article useful!

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