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Travel Related Activities You Can Do at Home
Travel Related Activities You Can Do at Home

Travel Related Activities You Can Do at Home

Do you still feel the desire to travel but you are stuck at home? You just need to figure out what travel related activities you could do from home.

Travel Activities From Home: Cultural Activities

Let’s start with the things you could do from your couch and allow you to expand your knowledge

  1. Read a Book – If you are looking forward to visit Italy, why don’t you start to read a story set there or a travel guide?
  2. Watch a Movie – Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+…all around you is full of contents about travel and exploration that could inspire you for you’re your next trip!

For example you could start from the movies to watch before visiting Italy!

  • Virtual Tours: The most famous museums in Italy are currently offering virtual tours of their masterpieces. While you are exploring I suggest to also listen to an audioguide of the museums, easily findable online.

Vatican Museums, Rome

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

But here you have another useful instrument to explore and discover more about Italy from home:

5. Podcasts: they could be about food, they could be about culture or social habits..Spotify is certainly a great way to discover them!

6. Learn a Language: you know when you are in a foreign country, maybe at a beautiful bar by the sea and you’d desperately wish to be able to communicate with that group of locals staring at you, but they only speak Italian?

Well, it’s never to late to start learning and You Tube is full of useful videos for it!

Travel Activities From Home: Cuisine

7. Learn how to cook typical dishes

No ideas about it?

If you are curious about Italian recepies giallozafferano is the blog for you! It’s in Italian but full of images! If you are looking for something more specific about Liguria here you go with our top three typical dishes:

And..if you are too lazy to cook something you can always watch some food shows or documentaries!

Travel Activities From Home: Planning & Journaling

8. Bucketlist – Update it and find new places to visit!

Pinterest and Instagram are useful sources of inspiration.

9. Vision Board – One thing I love to do is travel journaling. It’s quite relaxing and it helps construct and keep note of your memories.

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