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Health Tips While Traveling in Italy and Cinque Terre
Health Tips While Traveling in Italy and Cinque Terre

Health Tips While Traveling in Italy and Cinque Terre

During a time when everybody seems to panic for the COVID-19, let’s talk about the basic hygiene norms and some useful tips on health and hygiene if you plan to travel to Italy any time soon.

Basic Tips by WHO (World’s Health Organization) to prevent the spreading of a virus (the ones you more likely are gonna follow):

1 Wash your hands frequently.

2 Practice respiratory hygiene – Cover your mouth and nose if you have to cough or sneeze.

3 Clean surfaces with sanitizers.

Check out the official website for more and specifically about COVID-19.

But which are the other health tips to follow to stay in shape during a trip (in Italy or elsewhere)?

Stay hydrated and Eat properly. Long flights can be dehydrating, try to drink a lot + Even though we all know that during a trip we tend to eat local food, we should pay more attention to our diet and assume proteins. Italian cuisine is famous for pasta, pizza and all the carbohydrates you can think of, but you should try to follow a varied diet in any case.

Exercise. I am not talking about going to the gym, but you could do some outdoor activity that allows you to stay in shape. Don’t worry: Cinque Terre offer you a lot of activities you can use for this purpose. From trekking to swimming or a bike tour, you have plenty of choices.

– Get enough sleep (7-8 hours per night) to enjoy your holiday in the best way possible and not feel tired.

Skin hydration is the key.

– Take vitamins with you.

– You could pack a first-aid kit.

More specifically, Here you go with some useful infos about Italy and Cinque Terre:

Italy as most of European Countries do not present specific diseases to face, even though is always better to do the basic vaccines before leaving your country.

Every village of Cinque Terre has its own drugstore except for Corniglia.

Numbers to call if you have a problem:

118 – public assistance

115 – Firefighters

113 – Police

1530 – Sea Rescue

Specific of Cinque Terre:

0187 807087 – Forester Rangers Monterosso – Useful especially if you have a problem during trekking.

  • Updated 28/02/2020 – About the COVID-19 situation: there is no need to cancel your trip! Media, especially TV, are causing panic and psychosis but the situation here is quiet and calm with no influence on everyday life activities.

Tips by locals about Cinque Terre:

• Sport activities which include tours and exploration of the territory are your best ally. I suggest you kayak or diving activities from Riomaggiore or Monterosso, but also our beautiful trekking trails.

• During Summer your main enemy will be the hot weather: drink tons of water especially if you are going to hike and always wear sunscreen.

• During winter your main enemy will be the weather. Cinque Terre are a really windy place, try to stay warm and cover yourself.

• It’s not about health, but about safety: our beaches have the peculiarity to have a deep sea. In some of them as Manarola’s one you won’t be able to touch the bottom. Even if it’s not dangerous if you can’t swim well I suggest you to enjoy the beaches of Monterosso and Vernazza instead.

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