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Where to Eat in Porto Venere
Where to Eat in Porto Venere

Where to Eat in Porto Venere

Where to eat in Porto Venere? The choice is wide, but we are here to help as if we were your travel buddies, ready to taste some good Italian food.

Where to Eat in Porto Venere: Cheap Deals & Take Away

If you just want something to eat quickly or you want to do a brief pitstop these are our top three of local tastes:

  1. L’Anciua – All kinds of fried fish and salt pies! It’s located in Via Capellini 40, the main “carugio” of the village.
  2. Fatti una Pizza – Just before the first one, it is a local pizzeria and focacceria, where you can taste all kinds of focaccia and classic pizza.
  3. La Pitonetta – If you are looking for a fresh meal, this icecream shop is the one for you! It is also on the main road of Porto Venere and the owner creates unique flavors inspired by the territory!

Where to Eat in Porto Venere: Local & Italian Tastes

Looking for the perfect place to have dinner or a longer lunch? This section is for you. Here you go with our top three restaurants specialized in local cuisine and with a cool atmosphere to relax:

  1. Antica Osteria del Carugio – This “osteria” is also located in Via Capellini. Its menu includes all the traditional dishes of our territory. From stuffed mussels to anchovies, fish in any way possible, and local appetizers, you are in the right place to try some new flavors.
  2. Locanda La Lucciola – The right place to enjoy local fried fish and pizzas, in a cozy environment. It is located in front of the playground for children.
  3. Il Gabbiano – This restaurant offers seafood dishes of all kinds and its peculiarity is that it is located on Palmaria Island! They have a service boat for dinner guests to go back to Porto Venere

Where to Eat in Porto Venere: Seafood Supreme

La Marina, Da Antonio – This restaurant is located just after the main square arriving in Porto Venere, under the colorful houses at the beginning of the harbor. Its cuisine offers exquisite seafood dishes of all sorts and it is ideal for a romantic dinner.

Trattoria Le Tre Torri – It’s located in the main square of Porto Venere and offers a cozy environment outdoor or indoor. The menu includes really good seafood dishes, gourmet cuisine, and local specialties for the finest tastes.

Tips by Locals:

  • The list we made also follows a price order: from cheap to medium and high price. Seafood in Liguria is very good but sometimes expensive.
  • Top three for backpackers budget: anciua – pitonetta – osteria del carugio
  • Due to Covid19, it’s smart to reserve your table, especially during the high season.

We hope you find this article useful! Check out our categories for more local cuisine, panoramic restaurants, and travel planning tips on the territory!

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