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5 Panoramic Places to Eat in Cinque Terre While Hiking
5 Panoramic Places to Eat in Cinque Terre While Hiking

5 Panoramic Places to Eat in Cinque Terre While Hiking

Today we’ll take you to discover the 5 top panoramic places to eat while hiking in Cinque Terre and Porto Venere.

These places are real gems in our territory thanks to their stunning positions above the sea, but also a reference point for hikers and outdoor lovers.

Where to Eat in Cinque Terre While Hiking: Coastal Surroundings

1. Il Sole a 180°

This local beauty is located on the highway to Cinque Terre. From its terrace, you can admire the entire coastline and Riomaggiore from above, together with our stunning sunsets.

It’s the pub for you if you want to take a break from hiking, have a quick lunch or Italian “aperitivo”. The local wine is so good and you can find fried fish, bruschettas, milkshakes and more!

2. Rifugio Il Muzzerone

This place is a real treat! It’s located above Porto Venere and you can find it in two ways:

  • From Porto Venere you can hike uphill for around 20 minutes, you will find it along the trail to Campiglia/Riomaggiore.
  • On the other side, you hike from Riomaggiore/Campiglia to Porto Venere (about 4 hours) you will find the Rifugio almost at the end of the trail (before going downhill to the center of the village.

It’s almost entirely outdoor and all the tables offer a stunning view on Porto Venere and Palmaria Island. The local dishes include seafood, but also meat and focaccia.

3. Gitana on the Road

She actually never stops, but in summer you can find it along the trail from Riomaggiore/Campiglia to Porto Venere, precisely in a spot called “Sella Derbi”. This cool roulette is the perfect pitstop while hiking and you can try tasty focaccias and local pastries.

4. Piccolo Blu

This local pub is located in Campiglia. It’s called Piccolo Blu, it offers local seafood dishes, a wide variety of wines and beers, and the coolest outdoor place with hammocks and soft lights. Plus, it has the perfect location to admire the sunset over the sea.

5. Nessun Dorma

This bar is the most famous of Manarola. It is also the easiest to reach of our list, even if some steep steps are a must. You can find it above Punta Bonfiglio in in the marina of Manarola. The perfect “aperitivo” is waiting for you.

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