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Where to Eat in La Spezia: Cheapest Deals
Where to Eat in La Spezia: Cheapest Deals

Where to Eat in La Spezia: Cheapest Deals

The ultimate local guide on where to eat in La Spezia: local food and cheapest deals. This guide is structured by typology: local cuisine, “aperitivi” and takeaway, also it is based on our typical dishes: seafood, focaccia, and pesto.

All the places in this brief guide are located in the city center.

Where to Eat in La Spezia: Local cuisine

  • Osteria All’Inferno – Too good to be true! This place is located in the historical center of La Spezia, precisely next to the main market square. It offers traditional seafood dishes, good wine, and a really nice atmosphere for a relaxed dinner.
  • La Pia Centenaria – One of the historical “pizzerie” of the town and located in the city center, here you will find the magic duo: pizza and farinata!
  • Acronia La Cantina – The best place to try out any type of focaccia you could think of! You choose the flavors to put on and they prepare you one meter long focaccias!

Where to Eat in La Spezia: Aperitivi

  • Trei Canti – Small but cozy pub in the heart of the city. It does great “apericena” (drink + something to eat as dinner) with local wine, but also focaccia and more.
  • DistrĂ² and Loggia dei Banchi – You can choose to go there for “aperitivo” or late night, two of the more popular corners among locals (university students too).
  • Rosa Blu – Nice place and good bruschette, you will be able to have dinner tasting bruschette with local flavors and good wine.

Where to Eat in La Spezia: Take Away

Rizzoli Triangoleria – If you are looking for focaccia, Italian bread and pizza you are in the right place. This shop is located near the railway station and offers one of the best focaccia in town!

Yogurteria La Via Lattea – Yum! This yogurt shop does it with any kind of topping, with no limit and it’s super cheap (and so good!)

Dai Pescatori – At the harbor, you will find this seafood restaurant that also gives you the chance to take it away in the classical cone with fried fish!

Tips by locals:

  • With Covid19 a lot of places take you in only if you booked in advance. Contact them on Facebook before going!
  • My advice would be to go to Acronia and to Osteria All’Inferno for dinner!
  • If you want to hang out with locals the best days are Friday and Saturday night, usually after 10 pm!
  • Fave dishes you should try out: stuffed mussels, fried anchovies, farinata with stracchino!

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