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Best Sunset Spots in Cinque Terre: Tips by a Local
Best Sunset Spots in Cinque Terre: Tips by a Local

Best Sunset Spots in Cinque Terre: Tips by a Local

Are you wondering which are the best viewpoints to take the perfect shot in Cinque Terre? Let me suggest some spots you may find interesting to admire the sunset in every village.

As you can imagine, one of the best moments during the day in Cinque Terre is definitely sunset. Cinque Terre are in fact in a perfect position to capture some great skyscapes thanks to the colorful lights you can always observe. From winter red sunsets to summer golden hours, you can enjoy it any month you come and you will always find a different shape of colors. I personally love December red sunsets, when the sky seems on fire!

Here you go with my favorite spots and how to reach them. For every village, I will tell you two spots: one to capture the sunset on the sea, the other to capture the village enlightened by the sunset lights. Anyway, here there are some tips and tricks:

Sunset in Cinque Terre: Riomaggiore

Riomaggiore it’s the first village you find arriving from La Spezia. Due to its narrow structure, you can find the best spot to capture the sunset going down to the seaside. If you go to the left you will find the spot just before the pier where ferryboats dock. From this perspective, you can enjoy the sea view with a glimpse of the colorful houses. If you instead want to see the village colored by the perfect sunset light, you will enjoy it better from the Riomaggiore Castle, from which you will see the village on your left and a beautiful sunset on the sea on your right.

Sunset in Cinque Terre: Manarola

Manarola offers probably the best sunset spots of all the villages. You can take shots from multiple perspectives and situations without too much effort. The most popular is undoubtedly from Punta Bonfiglio’s viewpoint, or just above it, from the bar Nessun Dorma. It’s the easiest to reach: you have to arrive at the seaside and then follow the walkaway on the right.

If you instead are looking for a more complete view, you have to go up the village until you arrive at the church. Then, if you turn your back to the sea, you will notice the hostel building. If you go uphill following the stairs, at the end of them you will find a hiking trail (you will just need to do a brief easy part of it for about 5 mins) on your left. It will then take you up the hill above Nessun Dorma. There you will have a more complete view and the chance to do a panoramic shot. In any case, you can also just enjoy the roofs of the houses from the church square.

Sunset in Cinque Terre: Corniglia

Corniglia, the smallest of the villages, it’s the middle one and it has no sea access. In fact, if you want to visit it, you have to go there by walk, car/bus or train. But remember: if you go by train you will still have about 380 steps to climb good luck 😉. But let’s talk about sunset spots: if you want to photograph the village, all you have to do is to go up to the hill. Then proceed a little more on Via Stazione to have a full view of the colorful houses. If you instead want to see the sunset on the sea, when you enter into the village just proceed in the sea direction. You will find more than one spot to enjoy the view.

Sunset in Cinque Terre: Vernazza

This village also offers some beautiful sunset spots, starting from the one on the trail from Corniglia to Vernazza. It offers a view of Vernazza from above and the sea. It’s one of the most famous spots, so you will probably find a lot of people, especially during summer. From the village, you will have to go down the station stairs and then proceed uphill. You will notice just after the station some stairs on your right with directions for Corniglia: follow them. On the opposite side of the village, you will find a second sunset viewpoint. From it, you can see the village lightened by the sunset. When you arrive at the church on the sea, follow the stairs behind it.

Sunset in Cinque Terre: Monterosso

Monterosso has a different structure compared to the other villages, because of its beaches. It is in fact considered not more extended. For this reason, you can’t capture the village at its golden hour, but you can absolutely see a wonderful sunset. To do it just to walk up to the S.Francesco statue, at the monastery. You will see the seascape all around you.

Tips by a Local:

– Another stunning sunset viewpoint, if you are coming by car, is at Il Sole a 180°.

– If you are not a hiker, I really suggest you do small trail sections just to enjoy the view from above.

– If you are visiting the villages in summer, bring water with you.

– Decide what do you want to photograph more between the villages or the sunset itself. You won’t have much time to go to both viewpoints.

– Be aware that due to their geographic position. It’s not easy to capture in one frame the village with the sunset except that from some points on hiking trails.

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  1. Robert Lederman

    Thank you for this incredibly valuable information. I only wish that you had incorporated a sunset shot from each of the locations. I only have two nights in Cinque Terre (I’m basing in Vernazza) and must decide where to shoot from each sunset.

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