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Cinque Terre Day Trip: One Day Itineraries and Must See
Cinque Terre Day Trip: One Day Itineraries and Must See

Cinque Terre Day Trip: One Day Itineraries and Must See

A day trip in Cinque Terre is considered a must by anyone visiting Italy, here you can find some advice on how to make the most of it without missing anything.

As you may already know, Cinque Terre historic centers are pedestrians and may be crowded during summer. Let me offer you some ideas for daily itineraries: here you go with 2 possibilities I suggest.

Option 1

Explorer Itinerary: Riomaggiore, Manarola & Vernazza

Depending on how much time you have, those three villages are the ones you won’t forget. If you arrive from La Spezia you can go to Riomaggiore as the first one.

Things you have to see in Riomaggiore:

– The Castle and its view

– The Beach if you want to enjoy the sea

– The Marina and narrow streets of the village

I suggest you this itinerary: from the station, you can go to the castle, then to the marina and then do a pitstop at the beach.

The second village to visit is definitely Manarola. Together with Vernazza is one of the most peculiar and it offers different panoramic spots.

Things you have do in Manarola:

– Go up to the church square to enjoy the village from above

– Go to the seaside and dive into the blue

– Walk up to Nessun Dorma and have a drink enjoying the view

Vernazza also offers you different activities:

– It has one of the prettiest beaches of the coast

– You should visit Doria Castle Tower, which was built in the 11th century to protect the village from enemies and pirates.

– The Church of Santa Margherita is very little but lovely, in the center of the bay.

2. Relaxed Itinerary: Monterosso and Vernazza

If you are not looking for an exploring adventure but just a relaxing day at the beach, I suggest you visit just those two villages.

You will be able to enjoy our beautiful sea in Monterosso and you will get a taste of Cinque Terre visiting the beautiful Vernazza (following the steps I told you before).

About Monterosso beaches:

You will find free spots to lay your towel along the seafront. One of the most beautiful is under the Giant statue or just after it. (from the railway station proceed on your right).

Tips by a Local:

• You should definitely take an ice cream at Gelateria Vernazza. This shop is in the middle of the main road and has the best ice cream ever.

• If you are an athlete and you dive, you can try to climb the rock of Manarola…and carefully jump!

To get to Nessun Dorma in Manarola you can also do a little hike and take a short and easy trail that starts from the left of the church square, it will be very panoramic.

• Don’t worry about the sea, we do not have sharks as people often think!

• If you are looking for some peace in Monterosso, go straight on after the Giant statue and walk for about 10 minutes. You will find another little beach less busy.

• For sunset I would be in Vernazza or Manarola, but divide your time equally!

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